Prehistoric Furniture

I have gathered photos of prehistoric furniture to show you how the nomadic and nature-based lifestyle of society impacted the interiors of their homes. **There are two simple forms of primitive furniture: Platform and Box. Platform furniture came in the form of tables, stool, chairs, and beds. Box furniture came in the form of a chest, a cupboard, or wardrobe spot.**

Below are two photos to show some examples:

#1: A Skara Brae home from a preserved prehistoric village in northern Europe off the Scotland coast. It was discovered in 1820 but was not excavated until 1920. The inhabitants of the ruins lived there between 3100-2500 BC. Take note the use of stone for storage and seating.

#2:A prehistoric stool found in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico. Today it lives at the Smithsonian Museum and is tagged under the name “duho” which means carved effigy seat. It can be seen here:

#3:Here is another duho stool sculpted to have the head of a turtle. The material used is stone and the stool is only wide enough to sit.

Sadly, most evidence of the prehistoric time period is lost due to the decomposable materials used: such as twigs, branches, leaves, brush, dirt, and rock.

Thanks for reading, designergirlee

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