Ancient Egyptian Architecture

I know I already wrote a post over “Ancient Architecture” which did show you how some Egyptian architecture was made (mainly the Pyramids of Giza) however I have to briefly show you other methods of construction for Ancient Egypt.

Here are the main types:

#1:Timber- which was limited in quantity

#2: Mud – came from the Nile River which was then covered in reeds to form a waddle and daub construction

#3: Mud Bricks – made from mud and water (like clay)

#4: Post and Lintel Construction: two beams with a connecting overhead beam, normally made from wood or stone

#5: Egyptian columns: made of stone, carved to get smaller from base to capital, ornately decorated in paintings

#6: Other methods: houses constructed out of clay, granite, sandstone or limestone (whichever preferred)

Below is an example of an Ancient Egyptian wattle and daub home. It shows the process used to make one.









The previous photo would have been a dwelling for a commoner or person of lower wealth. The photo below shows architecture used by royalty. Note the columns as well.

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