Ancient Egyptian Furniture

Ancient Egyptian furniture is quite a spectacle. Decked out in stunning gold and black coloration, most pieces were inspired through animals and power to collaborate the pieces.

Stools began to show new forms such as the “x”-shape which was a trend of the time. Stools were also commonly crafted to resemble animal form.





Chairs normally were built-in and carved out of stone from existing structures. However, the chair had to be the best way to know who was higher up in society. The most elaborate, highest seated chairs belonged to the pharaohs and their company. Gold was a guaranteed quality of these pieces of furniture.











Another royal piece of furniture is the bed. (Hard to believe only the wealthy had them back then- I cannot go a day without mine.) These were rare, extremely ornamental, elaborate and quite uncomfortable.







The most common piece of furniture is the table. Anything and everything used a table and they took advantage (mainly storage) 🙂

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