Ancient Egyptian Symbols/Motifs

Ancient Egyptian Symbols and Motifs to Remember (because they show up a whole bunch throughout Egypt’s architecture and culture). The list is quite vast of just how many the Egyptians worshiped and swore by, yet here are six important and reoccurring symbols and motifs.

#1: The Lotus Flower: symbol of sun and creation






#2: The Golden Ratio: ties toward eternal life and nature.The great Pyramids of Giza were constructed in the Golden Ratio: 1 to 1.618.

#3: The Ankh: a symbol of eternal life, often carried by Gods.










#4: The Feather of Maat: represents truth, justice, and balance.

#5: The Dieties: Ra (the sun), Anubus (the jackel), Bastet (the feline), Sekhmet (the lion), and Isis (the wigged female).

#6: The Scarab: represents the rolling sun across the sky.

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