Chinese Architecture

Chinese Architecture was focused around the beauty of the work. Governed by traditional, spiritual, and hierarchal framework – China’s buildings served higher purpose than just a construction of timber. Detail was a major concern among the Chinese. Characteristic buildings of the time include pagodas (Budhist temples in the form of a tower), shrines, monasteries, mausoleums, commercial structures, and imperial palaces. Another important aspect of Chinese architecture was the placement or site orientation of the structure. They could only point to the south toward the sun and away from the north which was considered evil. Gateways were important as well as facades, windows, doors, roofs, and the materials used. Buildings would stand on foundations made of marble, stone or brick, columns were for support, and the frame was wooden. Below is a photo of the Great Wall of China, the second photo is of a Chinese Temple near Singapore, and the third photo is of a highly decorated gateway.

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