Byzantine Furniture

Sadly yet again, not many pieces of furniture for the Byzantine era has survived quite like the Early Christians. However by studying manuscripts and mosaics, today we are able to recreate many furniture pieces.

Materials used for furniture normally was wood, metal, and ivory (hinting back to the trading of ivory), jewels, gold and silver. Seating often came in the form of a throne or chair which appealed greatly to the architecture of the building it was in. Textiles used consisted of silk or velvet and rarely but sometimes came from animal hide. Few pieces were adorned with draperies or soft cushions for comfort.

#1: the Maximianus throne chair for the archbishop (take note of the detailed carving in the chair itself, following religious appeal)











#2. Byzantine table









#3. yet another throne chair

#4. Byzantine cushioned stool





#5. another table with chairs made from wood







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