Gothic Architecture

Now on to the subject of Gothic Architecture which is over the top, grand, and I feel when I look at some buildings, the presence almost gives you a kick in the gut with awe. Meaning: OH MY goodness…that is cool.

Images and symbols of faith and prosperity manifest in cathedrals throughout cruciform (or cross shaped) plans with alters toward the east. Soaring lines, mystical light and decorative programs explain doctrines to the many who cannot read. Pointed arches and piers form a structural skeleton not found in ancient or earlier Medieval buildings.

Many structures are of military nature including castles and walled towns such as Carcassone (shown below). The wall city’s functions solely form a sense of defense which is incredibly important. Castles are the defensive residences of monarchs, lords, bishops, and knights. Throughout the Middle Ages their primary purpose was to defend the land and maintain order.

In Gothic style, elements are more carefully organized – both vertically and horizontally. The towers have soaring conical roofs. The rose window with stained glass is a dominant feature and filters rich color all over the interior of the buildings.

Below in order are photos of the Carcassone, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Chartres Cathedral, an example of some capitals, and the Milan Cathedral.

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