Italian Renaissance Decorative Arts

WHO WANTS TO DECORATE!? The Italian Renaissance people do….and they did!

Mirrors now become a style with a polished steel or silver framework. To protect the elegant mirrors people cover them by curtains, shutters, or special cases. Ewers, basins, inkwells, candlesticks, and other decorative objects are made from bronze and brass. Most rooms have at least one print or painting to add a piece of flare to the space. Paintings for bedrooms show devotional scenes while halls, galleries, and reception rooms contain portrait paintings of the family or people of worship. Collectable bronze, terrocota, antique sculpture and plaster statues are high in necessity among the wealthy.

Here are some more photos: from top to bottom: an example of some pottery, a Renaissance painting, a steel framed mirror, examples of large decorative sculptures and decorative molding.

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