Italian Renaissance Furniture

Finally people are starting to get bold with furniture! However mainly rectilinear, pieces are now massive (meaning absolutely monstrous) and they still follow classical ornamentation and proportions. Also these sneaky Italians start studying Michaelangelo and fall absolutely in love with his work. So much so they take his artistry and mold it into furniture with exaggerated scale, and unusual motifs (covered in the motif section).

Common pieces of furniture: church furniture, sedia (box shaped armchair with a runner), folding chairs called the Dante and the Savonarola, the trestle table, the cassone (a chest with a hinged lid), and the cassapanca -which is just a long bench with a seat and back.

Features to remember about Italian Renaissance furniture: chairs normally have a rectangular back, fabric trimmed with fringe to upholster, a rectangular seat, a wood frame, some form of decorative stretcher, a runner, and end it all with animal paw feet at the base. Another memorable feature is that they begin using a wide range of wood including walnut, oak, cedar, and cypres. They even branch out to make stools from bronze.

If you are a visual learner then man am I the person for you! Below are photos of the Dante chair, the Savonarola chair, and Italian Renaissance table, a casapanca, a cassone and a credenza.

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