American Colonial: Germany and Holland Architecture

So here come the German and the Dutch! Like the English, they bring native medieval building and furnishings to America. Rural buildings are mainly medievel and defined by verticality, honesty in structure and functional designs.
Types: houses are the most common, churches and large dormitory structures
Site Orientation: often homes are a combination of barns, stables, service areas, and living areas under one roof. Homes are sometimes built into hillsides for coolness or to store food. They are also almost always near to a stream.
Floor Plans: one and a half stories high with three rooms and a loft. Larger homes have more but you have to have the money for it. Homes contain parlors, a kitchen, and bedchambers.
Materials used: dwellings are made of log, wealthy homes made from stone.
Characteristics to remember of a house: from top to bottom: stone chimney on end of wall, low pitched roof, half story, pent roof, dog trot opening, extended porch for living area common in warm climates, log construction which is quite recognizable on the front facade and a lean to in rear for service areas.

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