English Renaissance Architecture

The English Renaissance time period ran from 1485 to 1660. Thinking to this time you might think of the Tudor, Elizabethan, and Jacobean: which are all a part of the era.

Design characteristics of the Tudor: houses become more outward looking and center on courtyards, facades are irregular and windows change ramdonly in size. They also had military influence which helped in the choice of fortification: towered gatehouses for entrances and facades featuring battlements.
Design characteristics of the Elizabethan: horizontal emphasis and regularity on the lower portions of buildings, French stylistic traits, and the scale is much grander. Dominated by large windows on facades.
Design characteristics of the Jacobean: feature more stylistic unity, foreign influence, defined rooflines with towers or parapets, classical orders for front ornamental decoration.
—Materials: brick and stone, half-timbered houses, trabeated masonry construction

Photos below in order: 1. Shakespeare’s house 2. Compton Wynyates 3. Haddon Hall 4. Wollaton Hall 5. Queen’s House

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