English Renaissance Decorative Arts

Not only were the decorative arts a great form of expressing true interior and exterior architectural beauty to the English, but it was also a way to decorate a space without the need for hundreds of pieces of furniture. Let’s just face it. The wealthier you are the more stuff you have to fill your home. But if you are not too high up in the social world then you have to find alternative means to decoration. Sometimes simpler is better.

Earthenware is still quite popular as well as objects of silver or gold, portraits, paintings, and armor. Still think back to the symbols and motifs where most of those carry over into the decoration of a space since they themselves are a form of decoration. Also like many before them, the English do not just use decor at eye level or below…they take it to the ceiling and wrap all parts of a space in ornament.

Below is a decorative ceiling with gorgeous molding, a tulip staircase, a decorative mantle, a common house painting, and a silverware set for leisure and display.

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