English Renaissance Furniture

If you have a fondness for furniture, then you would have loved living during the 16th century in London. London was the central hub for furniture making. Artisans would open shops in the city and promote and introduce their Renaissance designs to the public and show off new furniture techniques such as veneering. This also became the time for craftsmen to become specialized in certain fields: carver, joiner, turner, or metalworker.

Tudor furniture looks a lot like the medieval furniture in both form and ornamentation. (“Think outside the box”)
Elizabethan furniture naturally is MASSIVE with heavy proportions, rich carvings, and inlay.
Jacobean furniture is the more formal brother to the Elizabethan style – just more natural all together.

Examples of these furniture pieces are down below: starting with: the Farthingale chair, a Jacobean Wainscot chair, the Great Bed of Ware, a Tudor table, and a court cupboard.

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