French Renaissance Symbols/Motifs

Motifs: pilasters, columns, arches, pediments, figures in low relief, pinnacles, brackets, scrolls, linenfold, tracery, strapwork, grotesques, caryatids, fruit, flowers, heraldry, fleur de lis, stars and diamonds.

Symbols: Crowns and initials such as F, H, C and L, which are symbols of royalty, appear at entrances and on ceilings and furnishings. Animal motifs also have a deeper symbolic meaning behind them. The salamander is a symbol for Francois I and the porcupine is a symbol for Louis XII. These symbols would normally be placed near entrances or overmantels to identify who owned what and who lived where.

More Photos! Yeah! 1. porcupine motif of Louis XII (2.also shows a crown motif) 3. salamander motif of Francois I 4. a whole bunch of floral motifs 5. emblematic window motif

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