European Baroque Decorative Arts

The decorative arts and the symbols and motifs of the European Baroque time period have crossing paths with one another. If you find it in one then you are most likely going to see it used somehow in the other. Because when you think about it, decorative art is simply something you take to “decorate” a space with.

Take the photos below:
1. the interior decor of the Schonbrunn Palace: showing that decoration of a space can be whole without a lot of “stuff” to fill it. Most times they would use the ceilings and the walls to continue designs to impress the viewer and pronounce wealth. In the space shown, they simply just placed a few large chandeliers to the already ornate ceiling decor and the space is complete.

2. Here is yet another photo from the Schonbrunn Palace just depicting another space but more intimate. Again few furniture pieces and that chandelier with golden painted walls to add a whole new dimension to the space.

3. Here we have an example of their impressive work with metals in this matching set of a clock and candlesticks. Very ornate…and flashy.

4. example of their interworkings with the trade industry with China for the making of this porcelain cup

5. MY FAVORITE PAINTING! well one of them. Paintings of course could not be forgotten for decorative art in this time period.  Art not only showed the architecture of the day but also common activities that people would attend or perfomances. The photo below is depicting the Lipizzan Stallions performing at the Winter Riding School in Vienna, Austria.

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