European Baroque Furniture

Furnishings can be some powerful stuff! During this time, they were used to enhance status, show importance, and often were designed for specific interiors. Designs reflect the massive scale of building structure and dynamics.

Here are key points to remember about European Baroque furniture:
1. types include seating, tables, storage pieces and beds.
2. features: large scale, strong contrast in color, and sculptural effects.
3. furnishings have the role of elaborating a rooms’ theme
4. materials: hardwood dominates, carvings, gilding, lacquer, inlay, and veneer
5. cabinetmakers combine wood with other materials such as silver, marble and exotic wood.
6. seating: THEY ARE LOVING THEM SOME COMFORT! Daybeds, easy chairs, arm chairs
7. tables: rectinilear, carving, marble tops, and dressing mirror tables are quite popular
8. storage comes in the form of cabinets and beds are completely concealed with a covering and have rich trims on both the upholstery and the hangings

Below are some examples of European Baroque furniture

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