European Baroque Symbols/Motifs

Motifs: classical elements, such as pilasters and pediments are common but are used more dynamically. Other motifs include the colussal columns, c and s scrolls, shells, swags, flowers, figures, sculpture, and cartouches.

Symbols: animal symbology such as the horse, dove and lion, the crown, the cherub…etc.

The photos below in order show examples of European Baroque Symbols and Motifs:
1. Sacristy of La Cartuja motif in molding: they did not just do borderwork with these…they covered entire rooms to show off hundreds of decorative motifs.
2. The bedroom ceiling inside the Palazzo Sagredo: shows baby angels playing with ribbon in the sky..a symbol of religion and frutility…ha ha …because it is in a bedroom.
3. The portal to the Belvedere: ironwork on gate shows vines and flowering intertwining display, lions represent strength and guardianship, the crown showing royalty of the owners of the home
4. Saint Peter’s Basilica stained glass dove: made by the famous artist Bernini, representing religious significance
5. Saint Peter’s Basilica dome: motif mosaic encircling the dome from top to bottom

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