Louis XIV Furniture

Characteristics to remember:
1. types: furnishing types, numbers, and design reflect the formality of life. Cabinets, tables, and storage pieces are most common.
2. features: symmetrical, rectangular, often accented with large curves, massive proportions, carving, veneer patterns, legs are in the form of a scroll, rounded, or square.
3. placed against the wall to show rectilinear shape
4. materials: beech, oak, walnut, and ebony and some metalwork
5. seating: upholstered chairs and sofas are SUPER FASHIONABLE
6. tables: have activities they are used for: gaming, conversation, and entertainment. The most common are console tables which are attached to the wall.
7. storage: no closets -sad day- so clothes are put in armoires and a brand new piece of furniture called a commode (low chest with drawers or doors).
8. beds: monumental, rectilinear, and completely surrounded by fabric.

Below are photos of (in order from top to bottom): a Gilt Fauteuil (Louis XIV chair), Louis XIV’s personal desk, an inside look at furniture arranged at the Grand Trianon, a Gilt Canape (Louis XIV sofa), and the Queen/King’s bedchamber at Palais de Versailles.

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