English Neo-Palladian and Georgian Furniture

Onward to Neo-Palladian and Georgian Furniture!

Proportions are monumental, materials rich and costly, colors bold, and furniture is massive! Classical details are everywhere, placed over and around doors and windows, on ceilings or walls, and at the chimneypiece.
Finally people are able to spend more money on FURNITURE. Therefore the demand in higher quality work becomes standard.

Typical furniture pieces include chairs, sofas, tables, tall case goods, tallboys, dressing tables, tall case clocks, card tables, fire screens, and beds.
The Queen Anne style emerges which is a spin off from the William and Mary. Silhouette is important as is wood grain beauty rather than decoration. Curves dominate forms and proportions are slender and elongated.
The Baroque and William Kent style: follows architect William Kent’s designs. Massive and elaborate designs – limited to wealth and large homes.
Early Georgian style – transition from Queen Anne to the Chippendale. Furniture carries more embellishment, more massive, and case pieces are incorporated.
The Chippendale Style: features Rococo, Chinese and Gothic influence. Carved decoration, Chinese motifs and Gothic motifs.

Here are example of all the different styles mentioned:

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