Late English Georgian Architecture

Design Characteristics of Architecture: English Neoclassical architecture favors simple geometric shapes and elegant classical decoration. Varying from severe to graceful, the style incorporates some principles and forms of Palladianism. However, it relies on a broader range of antique from Egypt, Rome and Greece. It also uses the later models of the Baroque and Renaissance. Robert Adam is the leading designer of architecture, interiors, and furniture overall.

Here are some things to Remember about Late English Georgian Architecture.
1. types: town and country houses are the main building types, banks churches, and other public structures are also common
2. architects focus on the relationship between house and landscape
3. floor plans generally follow the disposition of rooms
4. materials are not changed, however higher firing temperatures allow bricks to take on new colors (white and cream brick become popular)
5. facades vary widely: at one end plain and on the other elaborate
6. windows are surmounted by pediments
7. columns and pilasters and pediments frame doors
8. roofs are flat or low-pitched, slate is the roof covering, and balustrades often cover the roof

Below are some examples of Late English Georgian Architecture:

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