Louis XVI and French Provincial Furniture

Louis XVI furniture depicts Neoclassical motifs in the form and scale of Rococo. Pieces are simple rectangles with outlines softened by ornamentation. Types of Louis XV furniture continue over. Dining tables become more common. The Baroque and Rococo practice of designing furniture to suit the design and colors of a room follows over. Materials include mahogany and ebony furniture woods. Seating types are chaises, fauteuils, and canapes. Tables are small and large but remain numerous just like before. Storage comes in the forms of commodes which remain fashionable. Beds are draped or have canopies and match the room.

French Provincial Furniture: adapts the forms, contours, and some ornamentation of court styles to local needs and preferences. People regard comfort, convenience, and economy as more important than fashionable. Bare Necessities.

Below are some examples of both Louis XVI and French Provincial furniture.

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