Louis XVI and French Provincial Symbols/Motifs

French Provincial Motifs/Symbols:
Typical motifs borrow and adapt from high styles and include lozenges, stars, circles, fruit, flowers, foliage, shells, C and S scrolls, columns, colonnettes, fluting, urns, and lyres.

Louis XVI Motifs/Symbols:
Motifs come from Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Egyptian sources. They included garlands, swags, frets, palmettes, classical figures, sphinxes, masks, flower, bouquets, baskets of flowers, shepherds, sherderdesses, farm tools, and balloons after the first successful balloon flight in 1783. Although classical motifs dominate, some Rococo themes continue, such as, flowers, shepherds, bows, and Chinoiserie.

Here are some examples:

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